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A little something about me.

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During the first consultation my aim is to fully understand the problem you and your dog are experiencing. After we have taken a full case history with all relevant information, we work our way from the outside, what the dog is showing, to the inside, how s/he is feeling. This process can be likened to peeling away the layers of difficulties, like we peel away the skins of an onion. For example, your dog might show outwardly aggressive tendencies but having worked with these first, a continued treatment process over a period of time may show a much deeper-seated problem, perhaps fear.



At each stage of the process a new remedy bottle is mixed in order to work with the emotion which is showing at that time. In this way we work deeper into her system, allowing emotions such as agitation, fear, or despondency to emerge.

The treatment is specifically tailored to your dog so that with the help of the remedies she in her own way is able to release these negative stresses. The remedies transform negative emotions into positive strength and characteristics, helping your dog to regain balance and the ability to relax, which is their true and preferred disposition.

We all know that our pets are happy when they are laid-back. The story does not end here as we experience that a relaxed and happy dog greatly benefits the family.

Close relationship with owner

Since our dogs live so closely with us it also happens that they take on the stresses and strains or worries of the carer or family. Unable to communicate and release this on their own, they may show signs of bad behaviour, aggression, fear, depression and more. It is important that we do take the dog’s environment into consideration and I assist with remedies for humans as well as for animals in order to help the dog. Once the complete energy field is restored for your family as well as your animal a natural bonding will occur which will enrich everybody involved.


25 years ago I started my training in alternative therapies due mainly to a back problem I had at that time. My first qualification was in Holistic Massage from the Linda Harness School of Massage in Covent Garden, London (ITEC). This was followed by three years of training in Craniosacral Therapy (CST) at the College of Craniosacral Therapy in Primrose Hill, London, which led to my qualification as a CST Therapist in 2001. Further postgraduate training has been in the biodynamic approach to CST at the Karuna Institute in Devon. I am a qualified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner (EFT) and have worked in the field of Matrix-Re-imprinting. I have completed the Bach Flower Remedy training (for humans) with levels 1 and 2, and hold the qualification of Bach Flower Animal Practitioner (BFAP), level 3, from the Natural Animal Centre in Carmarthen, Wales.





If I could pass on just one insight from the last 25 years of practice it would be that the deeper we can listen to a system, with all our sensory awareness, the more profound the healing will be. Now, working with animals I find the same still holds true.