Bach Flower Remedies and Animals



Theo being treated with the Bach Flower Remedies at The Garden Practice.

Animals respond to the Bach Flower Remedies particularly well, sometimes showing signs of improvement in a short time. The BFRs have changed many people’s lives for the better and the increased use of them for animals proves to have the same result.

I have experienced the benefits of the remedies at the animal shelter, where I worked,  NAWT Watford.  Some animals had suffered a great deal before they were rescued. Emotionally they were struggling and not coping very well. Those animals often showed signs of extreme fear, anxiety, depression, and despondency, which was masked by their destructive behavioural issues.

The BFRs address these emotional disturbances which may have been a result of: abuse, neglect, hardship suffered, or failed re-homing attempts. The remedies helped the animals to regain balance and emotional harmony.

These might be extreme examples but the BFRs are equally successful in helping the less traumatic experiences our pets have. For example: fear of visits to the vet, small operations, new members joining the family, relocation, oversensitivity, being shy, shock or over exuberance.

The BFRs are also of benefit during the time of medical treatment or whilst convalescing. An unstressed, happy and balanced animal will recover much faster with less complications.