Bengi was 18 months old when he developed a problem with his back legs. Despite having had several X-rays and an MRI scan the cause of the trouble could not be found although he clearly was still in pain. After a number of examinations he lost confidence in himself and lost trust in me. He became very angry and also withdrawn. Three months later a friend recommended Agnes.

Agnes' approach was to listen to what has been happening and then to observe Bengi in order to understand what was bothering him. We started with three remedies which almost immediately had a huge impact on Bengi's behaviour, he felt comforted. We returned every three weeks for the course of 5 sessions by which time I nearly had my Bengi back to how he was before all the trauma started. I decided that Bengi still needed one more session and now after six months my lovely puppy (dog but he will always be a puppy to me!) is back to his old self; happy, playful, confident and trusting.

I would also like to mention that during the treatment time with Bengi some issues came up for me which I spoke to Agnes about. I know that our pets do pick up on our concerns and worries so Agnes offered to mix some BFRs for myself as well. This worked well for me and in turn helped Bengi to settle better too.

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