I was struggling with my rescue Staffi-cross called Bruno who, even after a year’s obedience classes and a strict and consistent regime at home, behaved rather like a hyper-active child with ADHD. Bruno joined our family at 8 months old. We were his third ‘permanent’ home and had persevered with him for nearly two years.

Although he displayed typical Staffi charm, loving his cuddles and fun, Bruno also seemed ‘hyper alert’ and on edge which meant he became over excited at everything both in the home and out on walks. Games with people and with other dogs could become wild in seconds, even though he was well exercised and should have been exhausted – like his owners!

I knew of the Bach Flower remedies and had experienced them first hand to be most effective at treating emotional turmoil as well as related physical ailments. I felt I needed some practical support managing Bruno who by now was a fully grown lad whose paws reached almost to my shoulders.

When Bruno first entered Agnes’ delightful doggy-haven-cum-treatment-room, he practically bounced off the walls, pulling over the basket and jumping up at the desk. He tugged at clothing and cushions, chewed the mat and had to be restrained before finally settling down.

Over the subsequent months Bruno showed a variety of different behaviour which Agnes observed and discussed with me in relation to how he had been since the last session, each time adjusting the remedies to address what was presented. I administered the drops religiously four times per day and noted his changing behaviour.

About mid-way through the course of treatments, Bruno became ‘ultra-hyper’ again. He needed three vet visits in close succession to deal with injuries he sustained through his reckless charging about whilst on country walks. He had come to fear the visits as he required a muzzle before the anaesthetic could be administered. His behaviour calmed down again after administering the appropriate remedies.

By the final session, Bruno entered the room, sniffed around and then settled on the mat, exhaling with a deep sigh, with head between his paws. He appeared relaxed and calm as we discussed how he’d been behaving at home and out on walks where we’d encounter both people and other dogs.

As well as prescribing the Bach flower remedies, Agnes would sometimes make suggestions and offer helpful tips for how I might better manage Bruno’s little outbursts.

At home, Bruno is much calmer and able to sleep inbetween his walks and play. When he still sometimes gets over excited on walks, I have been, and continue to try to calm him with a soft voice and firm hand, sometimes putting him on the lead for a short while, before letting him run again.

I would thoroughly recommend Agnes as a Bach flower remedy practitioner. She has a gentle and deep connection to animals, and is able to tap into their needs combining fine intuition with a breadth of knowledge.

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