Does Your Dog Give You Problems?

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Does your dog give you problems?

Dear reader, throughout my writing I have used the female gender but in all cases she refers to he and she, and her to him and her.

There is no doubt that because you are browsing through this website you have an interest and love for animals. You may be a carer of one or more dogs. Most of us dog owners certainly set out to give them a wonderful home, take care of their wellbeing (which includes good veterinary care), plenty of walks, good food, and helping her to socialise.

Nevertheless, some dogs come with a big challenge we did not account for. Perhaps you cannot let your dog off lead, she is not good with other dogs, she has a tendency towards aggression, she is fearful and shy, she is not all right with people, particularly children, or she might suffer from separation anxiety and therefore you are unable to leave her for any length of time.

All these issues are not only making the dog’s life a misery but your’s and that of your family as well. This cannot be underestimated as it is potentially a reason for a very stressful home situation, or in the worst case scenario re-homing might be considered.

Pets are our true companions and are not detached from the stresses, strains and emotions we are experiencing. As they are feeling with us, or sometimes taking on our feelings, it is possible that they can be suffering quietly for many years. They either withdraw, become depressed and despondent or agitated and nervous. In some cases the animal will begin showing aggressive behaviour or become ill.