Some questions and answers about Bach Flower Remedies for animals


Are the BFRs suitable for all animals?

The BFRs are very safe to take. They can be given to all animals, from a very young age to the very elderly. They are hypoallergenic, drug and chemical free. Four drops from a treatment bottle are simply put on a little food then given to the animal. I have noticed in my practice, that even though the animal might be distracted or lying down during a consultation session, the moment I make up the remedy, dogs and cats alike come up to my desk and eagerly await their first dose from the new remedy. This does not only happen in a first session but also with subsequent treatment bottles in follow up sessions.

Do the BFRs have side effects?

The BFRs are 100% natural and totally free from any negative side effects. The amount of pure flower essence contained in each remedy is very small. Each stock bottle, ie the type you buy in a health food store or from the Bach centre, contains just two drops of the flower petal water Animals respond to the Bach Flower Remedies particularly well, sometimes showing signs of improvement in a short time. The BFRs have changed many people’s lives for the better and the increased use of them for animals proves to have the same result.

(please see What are the BFRs?) Then two drops from the stock bottle are used to make up a treatment bottle. It is possible to mix several different drops together in one treatment bottle. I use no more than three different flowers at one time. The reason is so as not to work with too many issues at one time. It may then be difficult to observe each change if too many variables are introduced. In my practice I use glycerin, rather than alcohol preserved stock bottles for treating animals as they are sensitive to alcohol.

Can the remedy be taken whilst my pet is undergoing other treatments?

In some cases pets that are brought to my practice do not just suffer from an emotional issue but also have a physical problem. They may already be on a medication you are giving them or has been prescribed by your vet. As the BFRs do not contain any chemicals and are 100% natural they do not interfere with any other medication your pet may be taking. In fact, using the flower remedies alongside other types of medicine can be very beneficial. Not only are they completely safe but they help the animal to feel better, and so the healing process is accelerated. Some physical problems, for example, a skin disorder or sensitive digestive system, may have originated from emotional tension and stresses so the condition may improve greatly when the animal relaxes after taking the BFRs.

When should I consult a Bach Flower Animal Practitioner (BFAP)?

As soon as you notice a change in your pet’s behaviour or when you sense she is out of balance I advise you contact a BFAP. Chances are that your pet has been trying to deal with an issue for some time on her own but was not able to resolve it. When her behaviour suddenly changes this shows that the problem has manifested and so it will be of benefit to find suitable remedies soon. Other occasions to contact a BFAP are when you are aware that your pet has suffered shock due to an accident, an attack, a changed family situation or other unsettling circumstances. Also, if you are sensing that your pet is always fearful or has aggressive tendencies with other animals/people it may be worth making contact.

When you have adopted an animal from a shelter and the case history shows past difficulties or large gaps, we do have to assume that all did not go well for your pet. In these cases it is vital to clear a possible traumatic past. This will enable your pet to settle in and bond with you much faster.

It is not just rescued animals that are in need of the remedies. In many cases young animals are too quickly weaned and separated from their siblings and mother. The emotional trauma this causes can develop into what we call “separation anxiety”, whereby the animal is disturbed and finds it difficult to re-build trust and connect again in a healthy way. If you are not sure about a situation, I am happy to speak to you on the telephone and assist with advice. contact Agnes

How long does this treatment last?

This does depend on your animal’s condition, her character and the intensity of the problem. I do recommend a course of several treatment sessions as we work our way from the outside - what the animal is showing - to the inside - how the animal is feeling. It is often explained as the onion layer effect. Emotional difficulties are peeled away, layer after layer until we get to the core problem, which very often relates to something that happened early in the animal’s life. The first remedy mix, which we made up according to the problems your pet was initially showing, might change over the course of the treatment during the follow-up sessions (usually at three week intervals) when other deeper-seated emotions come to the surface.

What do I need to do?

This treatment does not work without your help. You will take on a large responsibility in administering her drops regularly and will need to note down all the changes you observe. The remedy works best when four drops are given four times each day. The regularity will stimulate your pet’s system in such a way that she is able to make the necessary changes. Often this process needs to be supported by changes we make in the way we handle our pets. For example, if your animal is shy it may be advised that she will not be exposed to stresses during the treatment time, or you tell people not to stroke the cat for the time being, or that you walk your anxious dog close by you on a lead and avoid busy places so she feels safe.

Your continued support is vital for the success of the BFR treatment. It allows your pet to make the necessary changes that will be beneficial to her and to you.