Price List

From my experience of having worked in the therapeutic field for over 20 years I can say that very few conditions are remedied in a “quick fix” manner.

This is especially true for working with behavioural issues in dogs.
I highly recommend to work over a time-span of two to three months, with sessions spread at three-week intervals.

This is beneficial because it allows deeper-seated problems to come to the forefront by the time of the next session. Also, whilst your dog is undergoing treatment it is vital to monitor and feed-back the development of changes, small or large, in order to determine the best new remedy.

Your pet will begin to realise that their regular visits to the practice room are part of an ongoing process for them. They will soon begin to look forward to the three-weekly treatments.

1-hour consultation and treatment session is £62.
A course of five 1-hour consultation and treatment sessions is £250.
This includes the cost of all remedies, as well as telephone or e-mail advice and support during the treatment period.