Jackie De Friez NAWT

National Animal Welfare Trust Manager



Agnes is a member of the volunteer group at the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) in Watford for which I am the manager.

The background and behavioural issues with the animals in our care vary greatly. As a Bach Flower Animal practitioner, Agnes works with some of the dogs and cats that are finding it particularly difficult to come to terms with their traumatic past and with coping at the centre. The flower remedies are helping to alleviate fears, anxiety and traumatic experiences. As soon as the drops are administrated we notice positive changes with most of the animals. They are able to relax more and members of staff find it easier to work with them.

As they begin to feel more at ease it helps to speed up the adoption process too. Once an animal that has been on the Bach Flower remedies is adopted, we do recommend that the new carers continue with the remedies until their pet has settled in with them. It is a great asset to any animal shelter to have a qualified Bach Flower practitioner in the team.

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