Treating animals with the BFRs

Starting Treatment with Bach Flower Therapy


Starting Treatment

Before starting treatment with the Bach Flower Remedies your pet must be referred to me by your veterinary surgeon. It is important that I know of any medical problems beforehand. The remedies will work on the emotions and will not interfere with any other treatment your pet is receiving at the time. However, if through the BFR treatment your pet is beginning to feel happier and more relaxed this is very likely to positively influence the healing of her physical condition as well. The BFRs promote greater balance and harmony, and thus help to enrich your relationship with your pet at the same time.

Duration of Treatment

It is vital to keep treating the animal with the flower remedies until negative emotions or behavioural problems have ceased. There may initially be a very noticeable change within a few days or weeks from when the first set of remedies are taken. Only in time will the underlying reasons for the animal’s behaviour surface and this emerging condition will then need to be remedied with different flowers. For example, you might be concerned about an aggressive behaviour you noticed in your dog. She/he might be lunging at other dogs whilst being walked. We would treat this abnormal behaviour first, and as this condition improves, a lack of self-confidence or fear might come to the surface, which then unfolds and is important to treat. The remedies work particularly well in conjunction with behavioural training. In some cases we do recommend that an Animal Behavourist (link to Natural Animal Centre) is consulted at the same time so the problem can be addressed with remedies as well as by learning new ways of behaviour. I work with a condition over a time span of at least three months in order to reach a deeper level with the emotional issues. This allows the animal to engage into a healing process so that with both your and my therapeutic support we can note all changes carefully and administer the different remedies at the correct time.
horses-in-field-duration-of BFRs
cat-in-basket-duration-of BFRs

Treatment Plan

After the initial telephone conversation, which gives me information about the animal, breed, condition, and your details, we set a time for the first consultation session. For smaller animals you can bring your pet to my practice in Kings Langley (link). For larger animals like horses, cows, pigs and others, I come to see you and them in the field, barn or sty. Consultation lasts for 45-60 minutes and you will receive the first treatment bottle at this visit in order to start treatment straight away. A remedy bottle will usually last for about three weeks. During this time it is important that you observe any changes in your pet; perhaps note these down, and near the end of the three weeks (first bottle) I will ask you for feed-back on the animal’s condition. Depending how the animal is progressing we either change some of the remedies or continue with the same remedies a little longer.

Commitment and Support

Treating your animal in this way requires commitment from you in administering the drops diligently and also observing your animal. Your support in this process is invaluable